AMF World Cup champions

1982: Brasil (defeated Paraguay)

1985: Brasil (defeated Spain)

1988: Paraguay (defeated Brasil)

1991: Portugal (defeated Paraguay)

1994: Argentina (defeated Colombia)

1997: Venezuela (defeated Uruguay)


2000: Colombia (defeated Bolivia)


2003: Paraguay (defeated Colombia)


2007: Paraguay (defeated Argentina)

2011: Colombia (defeated Paraguay)

2015: Colombia (defeated Paraguay)


2019: TBD – hosted by Argentina



FIFA Fut5al World Cup champions

1989: Brasil (defeated Netherlands)

1992: Brasil (defeated USA)

1996: Brasil (defeated Spain)

2000: Spain (defeated Brasil)

2004: Spain (defeated Italy)

2008: Brasil (defeated Spain)

2012: Brasil (defeated Spain)

2016: Argentina (defeated Russia)

CONCACAF Futsal Championship

1996: United States (defeated Cuba)

2000: Costa Rica (defeated Cuba)

2004: United States (defeated Cuba)

2008: Guatemala (defeated Cuba)

2012: Costa Rica (defeated Guatemala)

2016: Costa Rica (defeated Panama)

CONCACAF Futsal Club ChampionshipCFCC14

2014: Glucosoral FSC [Guatemala] (defeated Borussia [Costa Rica])

2017: Grupoline Futsal [Costa Rica] (defeated Utah Elite [USA])

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