MASL Rulebook A Mix-And-Match Read

MASLMajor Arena Soccer League (MASL) recently announced rule changes for the upcoming 2014-15 season. While not much changed from the previous season, one new rule stands out: the use of a multi-point system.

The “new” 23-team MASL features teams from around North America, including several who previously played in MISL. That league used a multi-point system with two-point “regular” goals and a three-point goal similar to the three-point shot in basketball. In this upcoming season, which opens on October 25, four (Baltimore, Harrisburg, Rochester and Syracuse) of the 23 teams will use those MISL-style point system at their home games. The other 19 teams will play using traditional soccer scoring (one goal=one point).

What does this mean? Well, first off scores at these four arenas will look quite different than around the rest of the league. Fans may see results with scores in the 20’s with teams actually scoring less than double-digit goals in a game. A 10-7 result from Chicago may read 20-14, 26-15, or even 30-21 in the four arenas using this system.

MASL standings with ‘goals for’ and ‘goals against’ may also look a bit odd. The four east coast teams will have higher team and individual numbers for their stats.

With much effort and hype around the “unification” of the top indoor soccer leagues and teams in North America, the new MASL looks very similar to a previous version of 19 PASL teams and four MISL teams scheduling games against each other.

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