2013 U.S. Futsal Nationals

2013 National Championship Results
U.S. FUTSAL                                                                                          News release July 26, 2013

Futsal National Champions 2013 Men's
2013 U.S. Futsal National Champions “Safira F.C.” (Open Men’s National Champions from Massachusetts).
Futsal National Champions 2013
2013 U.S. Futsal National Champions “Club America F.C.” (U13 Girls from Long Beach, California).  Picture courtesy of Club America

The 28th U.S. Futsal National Championship Concludes After Four Days of Intense Competition!

Long Beach, California — The 28th U.S. Futsal National Championship concluded Sunday, July 21st after four days of intense and exciting competition. The Biggest, oldest and most prestigious futsal competition ended with teams from five different Regions winning medals. “This is great news”, said Alex Para, President of U.S. Futsal, “because it shows how competitive futsal has become all across the United States.”  With the growth of Futsal accelerating so rapidly over the last ten years, so has this competition. Teams from the west coast dominated the competition, with teams from California-North capturing the most medals, followed by California-South, New York, Utah, New Jersey and Maryland. The Men’s Open competition was won by Safira FC from Massachusetts, who played against MACSA from California, which had won this division in 2011.  This is the second time in six years that Safira FC has won the the National Title. In the Women’s Open category, Legends from California won its second women’s title.
This year marked the sixth time the National Championship had ‘age-pure’ groups in the men’s division. All the games in every division over the course of this event were well played and attended by more than 8,000 participants and spectators. This support was most likely bolstered by the fact that there was quite a cross-representation of teams from regions throughout the U.S. Six out of eight regions were represented in these finals.
Thirty eight referees, from various locations across the country, were invited to participate in this tournament.
U.S. Futsal congratulates all the teams that participated in the 2013 U.S. Futsal National Championship for their hard work, dedication and “fair play” throughout the competition.

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